Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nikki Maria

Nikki Maria
Nikki Maria is a freelance editor and published writer. Some of her clients include: magazines, marketing/PR companies, and non–profits. Nikki is also the proud writer (and Boston blogger) at HONEY magazine; a New York-based publication that inspires women by encouraging them to define and achieve success on their own terms. Nikki Maria is the founder (and author) of an Internet site called Fashion Frenzy. The site’s mission is to keep a close eye on haute trends, fabulous wear, design labels, and inspirational style. To compliment Nikki’s freelance endeavors, she is also the Director of Programs for a non-profit organization in Boston. Nikki develops programming that support the academic growth of inner-city youth in grades 4 through 12. Nikki Maria is passionate about urban education, women’s studies, fashion – and of course, the art of words.
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What it means and takes to be a successful business woman today:
"In order to be a successful businesswoman one must be passionate about the goals they are trying to achieve. I believe it’s important to pursue the things that your heart truly desires. When one finally figures out what they’d like to accomplish, setting goals and committing to them is critical. Don’t let “bumps in the road” defer your plans of succeeding. Remember – life happens, bite sized delays are ok some times. Secondly, one must research the potential business endeavor – look for trends that would suggest a business’ success, then market yourself! We won’t believe in you – if you don’t believe in you. Don’t forget to build your network of professional friends – use them as resources. Lastly, the beauty of brainstorming can be your deadliest weapon, so learn how to narrow down your ideas (mind maps are great!) – think through them strategically, and make sure you assign yourself some action items. I’m a huge fan of Microsoft Outlook’s “task list.” Execute your plans; don’t spend a decade talking about them. Be a go-getter, and don’t let anyone (or thing) hold you back."
A word of wisdom about getting over the hardships of running a business or doing business in a so-called "man's world":
"Running a business in a so-called “man’s world” is not relevant, because it’s [your] world, not his. If you fall, get right back up. Have no regrets. Simply learn from your setbacks. Continue to strive no matter what. For it is you – that hold the key to your own destiny. Not a man. "
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Nikki Maria
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Location Boston, Massachusetts
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